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House Fountain

  • Client: Pharmaceutical Company
  • Location: Hertfordshire
  • Surface Area: 35 m2
  • Year Completed: 2022

Sprinkler Project

Highline Contracts were pleased to be awarded this great project to install a new sprinkler system to a large area of a critical building on our client’s site. We utilised our network of trusted specialist contractors to complete the technical elements of this project with our Lead Technical Services Manager, Ian, managing the quality of the install. The project scope was split into four phases with each phase requiring a large bird cage scaffold, installation of sprinkler pipework and remedial decorations. We liaised closely with the designers for the sprinkler system throughout the entire lifecycle of the project to ensure any design clarifications were rectified as quickly as possible so as to limit any delays to our client.

The sprinkler system covered the majority of the ground floor of a critical building, so we had to carefully consider the phasing of the works and create our programme to allow as much of the space as possible to remain live and occupied.

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