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MRI Suite


  • Client: OSD Healthcare
  • Location: Hertfordshire
  • Surface Area: 65 m2
  • Year Completed: 2022


Highline Contracts completed this great project for OSD Healthcare. Highline were on site to carry out the redesign of an existing office space, and the creation of an extra MRI suite to OSD’s Imaging department.

The adjacent ward bedroom and ensuite were repurposed to make way for the new Tech Room, which houses all the necessary services required to support the MRI. Various elements of the projects consisted of CDP packages that included the design and install of the necessary steel shielding, RF cage and the quench pipe - all were co-ordinated by our site team.

One of the key drivers for this project was the schedule and delivery deadlines specified by the client and other stakeholders. Our client only had a small window of opportunity in which to deliver this project, so we used our relationships with specialist contractors to reduce the procurement times as much as possible. This meant that we could optimise the time we had during the construction phase and deliver a high quality installation.

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