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Laboratory Refurbishment

Laboratory Refurbishment

  • Client: Real Estate  
  • Location: Ware
  • Surface Area: 85 m2
  • Year Completed: 2023

Laboratory Refurbishment

Highline delivered the refurbishment to an office, lab, and circulation areas for a client located in Ware. The objective was to create a brighter, more vibrant space as a marketing suite for potential tenants. Works began with the removal of existing carpets and partitions, so that new carpets, ceilings, and lighting could be installed to create a much brighter open area. Colour schemes were changed to the walls throughout the marketing suite as per the interior design schedule. On completion of decoration works, a deep clean was carried in the lab and office areas.

The works for the lighting and power involved realigning the existing dado trunking power and data to the same height, as it wasn’t the same height from the finish floor level once the partition walls were removed. The existing lighting required rewiring modifications to incorporate the new LED lighting panels for the required Lux levels. The HVAC ventilation flexible connections which were disconnected from the plenum box required protection to prevent dust entering the system during the construction phase.

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