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House Fountain

  • Client: Pharmaceutical Company
  • Location: Brentford
  • Surface Area: 105 m2
  • Year Completed: 2020

Infrastructure Modernisations

We were appointed under a D&B contract to rectify the circa 20 year old water feature, which is the focal point at the entrance to one of our client’s sites. The feature was drained and decommissioned a number of years ago, as there were unknown substantial leaks and plant equipment failures. We engaged with TFWL (The Fountain Workshop Limited) to design a new water feature using modern filtration and pumping systems. The existing faded and worn pebble base was replaced with a polished waterproof concrete solution and new RGB programmable feature display lighting was also included in the upgrade works.

After extensive investigations and validation period, it was discovered that several existing pipes serving the feature were fractured, and that the replacement of these would be too time consuming and costly so a re-design was proposed which eliminated the use of these damaged pipes. This meant 40 submersible pumps were installed to replicate the original fountain display.

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