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Laboratory Remodelling

Laboratory Remodelling

  • Client: Pharmaceutical Company
  • Location: Hertfordshire
  • Surface Area: 85 m2
  • Year Completed: 2023

Laboratory Remodelling

Highline were appointed to deliver the relocation and configuration of three lab spaces within an occupied pharmaceutical building. The works included the install of the new autoclave and washing facility, the strip out of existing cold room, reconfiguration of room layout, associated M&E upgrades such as establishing a new electrical supply, ductwork modification to the HVAC system, drainage install and the install of necessary safety valve pipework.

The works were completed within an occupied building, maintaining operation of all adjacent laboratories and write up areas. The client required access to their existing lab equipment at certain times throughout the duration of the works and so extra safety measurements were required to ensure complete segregation between their staff and our works. We utilised adequate safety barriers, implemented access restrictions and displayed clear signage to maintain high levels of safety.

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