Highline have successfully retained their carbon neutral status since 2021. We are actively monitoring our environmental impact with a plan to achieve all governing targets for a more environmentally friendly, sustainable future.

We fully understand that our clients will have several environmental and sustainability goals for each project. To successfully achieve these goals our staff are trained to evaluate your needs and expectations and are able to produce an environmental and sustainability plan for the project life cycle. Part of this plan will include, but is not limited to:

1. Selecting environmentally friendly, sustainable supply chain partners.
2. Evaluating project plant and equipment specifications and either selecting or promoting sustainable alternatives.
3. Factoring in bio-diversity requirements as necessary.
4. Where possible use re-used or recycled products during construction.
5. Devising a waste management strategy that ensures all waste is either re-used or recycled. Where this is not feasible, we shall ensure that we have considered all possible avenues to divert all waste from landfill.
6. Detailing how environmental data is captured and reported. 

Throughout the project life cycle our in-house SHEQ manager shall be reviewing and inspecting the works to ensure compliance with local legislation, sustainable targets, and internal procedures. Our staff have also managed sites that have required projects to meet BREEAM and The Considerate Constructors Scheme standards, some of which we have been able to implement on our sites as standard to ensure high standards of best practise and compliance are being adhered to.

Please see link to our current Sustainability Policy.