Contractors Compound Ware

Highline is the principle / main contractor for the Contractors Compound Project at Ware. We have a strict delivery policy for all sub contractors and you can book a delivery slot in advance via our booking form below. Please ensure you read the terms below and when using our booking portal by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you have read and understood the below.




Terms & Conditions

  1. Deliveries to the compound are between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday, the last delivery slot being 3pm to allow materials to be unloaded.
  2. All materials must be reviewed and signed for by the Projects Logistics Manager.
  3. Materials are left in the compound at your own risk from water damage.
  4. Materials that are left in the site containers are the responsibility of your Principal Contractor.
  5. The delivery of hazardous materials, gases or fuel is to be arranged with your Principal Contractor and should not be left in the compound without the relevant Systems, RAMs and Permits being in place prior to their arrival.